2020 Started With Fight Music

The a song just happens to be at the right time. Jake Paul is expecting to fight a boxer named Gib. The fight was said to have been taken by fan reaction. I think that Jake Paul selected a fight he can win. And, that’s the sign of a great boxer. I decided to shadow box every day till the fight on Tiktok and Triller.

After discovering that castor and jequirity beans may have played a role in poisoning me I’m able to adjust. My gastronmic track was under attack. I was in a fight for my life. The suspect is May 26th 2013 poisoning results in hospitalization. At the time the blood work reflects ricinus poisoning. Emergency tell’s me the result and says; “We don’t know why your blood work is like this? We thought we were going to lose you.” I’m going to describe what I’ve been doing to counter the ricinus poisoning.

My 2019 album was made at a time where I literally thought I was going to die. The AKA Daddy Kid serves a purpose. The commentary on the track is reflecting the work it takes to keep up with the 10 songs a year goal. Working independently is a struggle. I don’t have a lot of people that I can consider great friends nor do I hang out with people at this time. The awareness of articles reflecting turbulence in diplomacy continues. Fear in the eyes of those suspecting world war three is present. At any time the world can change. “To survive you have to fight back or you’ll be left in the poison.” Additional fight music can be found in Throwback Team. The Daddy Kid Two ablum brings characters of interest into the script. Watching the preperation for entering professional boxing by Jake Paul and Logan Paul is inspiring.

What am I doing to best survive ricinus poisoning?

I’m doing my best to keep from thinking about how it entered my property. The element of ricinus is a biochemcial that kills. If someone placed the castor and jequirity among my things it’s attempted murder. I don’t know the analytics on failed murderer’s coming back to finish the job. I’m trying to hit with my songs. The cloutchase is real. Popularity online happens for a reason. I think Bang Energy Drink‘s offer something that’s valuable for my development at this time. Consult your physian if you have one. I’m on the 5 year plan starting now. I wasn’t sold on Bang by the drink with super creatine. The drink is what I purchase after getting sold on the Medivin. I was looking for a product to replace daily supplements. My goal was not to have a crap product fail to absorb and sustain itself in my body for years to come. My goal was to have a product that absorbed fully to offer a correction of deficiency associated with ricinus poisoning. Activated charcoal was also a reccomendation for cleansing the system. If, 3 micrograms can kill a person. Than, someone poisoned must find ways to cleanse the system. The entry of ricin happens in two ways; lungs or gastronomic system. Activating the system would assist in cleansing. But, it may also strip the body of necessary nutrients. I am a victim of a terrorist act when in 2013 my former LLC’s website was hack injected by a PKK/YPG hacker. At the time, in 2013, no one believed me when I told them it happened. I suppose it’s not easy to believe it can happen. The hacker is also reported to have hacked the iron dome. Since, the hacker has hacked Congress persons in the local area. This news was not reported. But, I think it’s vital to report the truth. If you believe you have castor beans or jequirity beans you may want to take them to the hazardus disposable center. Before you touch them get rubber gloves, bag them up, and pray that no one gets effected by these horrible killers.

Jake Paul vs Gib?

Jake Paul is ready. Gib would self admittedly say he didn’t excell in gym class as a kid. I predict Jake Paul will knock out Gib within 4 rounds. This is the right fight for Jake Paul. For those that responded when Jake was polling; “I clicked on the box Gib option.” It’s like a minidream come true when you’re vote comes in on top. Jake is going to sting a knat fly. That will result in the bug on the floor. If you’re a servant for the Queen and don’t catch the fly. Well, top may be found somewhere else. Fight selection here is perfect. Winning this fight may make Logan Paul relevant to KSI. In essence Jake Paul can leverage if KSI wants to fight him after knocking out Gib. The ultimatum fights. Great entertainment. Still missing every day bruh vLogs. Hopefully, the vLog belts can go on a few more times before Jake Paul vs Gib.

Logan Paul vs Antonio Brown?

Logan Paul vs KSI was a fight. That was something I wanted to see honestly. The trash talking resulting in professional boxing. That’s an amazing story. Logan Paul fight Antonio Brown is a much different story. The people that make the odds have watched a lot of boxing. Fighting is a sport that requires athleticism. I’ll still be on the Logang when I say that I see it the way the odds are reading it right now. Antonio Brown is a serious athlete trained by some of the worlds leading professional trainers. In the sport of football you have alot of equipment sustaining some of the shock from oncoming blows. In the sport of boxing you have Logan Paul amateur taking on a world class athlete. Square up. Resulted in a boxing match between the two? I think it’s a much better strategy in life to make a movement to where you’ll do best. I think if Logan Paul is going to win the fight he needs to throw harder punches. Boxing matches can change people for ever when considering all the damage that can be taken. Logan bruises pretty easily. I’m not going to be the fan that looks at the pending train wreck without mentioning that there is an avalanche ahead. In New Jersey there were guys that can dunk, and those that couldn’t dunk. I wouldn’t want to fight most of the guys that were able to dunk before the age of 17. Good luck to Logan Paul in this fight! I hope Logan wins. But, I think it’s a long shot. 30 MINUTES OF CONTENT LET’S GO! Shout out to Big Mike!

“I’m ok with a little trash talk when we’re talking about boxing matches.”

Love it or hate it. I’m feeling better in the gastronomic system. Any time the vascular is attacked and begins seeping is scary. For that reason I iced my head after discovering the items I had were confirmed ricinus. The reason was to repair any damage that may be created when the brain’s vessels leak or seep fluids. RICE method. I also did a little wrap. As I child I may have put a little crack in my cranium. The oral surgeon provided me a view of my skull. I have a partial xray that may be on Tiktok. Sealing the cracks. And, watching as it all starts crackalacking this January with my new subscribtion ready to start the day of the Jake Paul fight. If I can buy only the fight and not have to subscribe for the month. That’ would be ideal.

Does the government device ban on Tiktok scare me?

Your life goes back into music. And, there’s a few places where radio take over happens. Somehow, some songs make radio. Is it because the conversation is about the Cyrus family? A 20 dollar beat is getting better reviews than to places I’ve submitted. With so many years in the music industry. Having a healthy year to recreate my habbits is in order. I’ve been working out every day to increase muscle mass. Cotton Candy flavored things are always going to be best in my oppinion. Thus, bang Cotton Candy on tap gives me a nice vibe. The topic doesn’t pertain to me truly because I don’t have a government device. I would rather be entertained by the stories that bring smiles. We know from time to time an aunt may throw a chancletas. I don’t have any government issued devices. We know that technology isn’t absolutely secure. And, I’m approaching the time where my 1,000 dollar offer to a potential production deal for Tiktoker is comming off the table. The irony is that the company framework was purchased from another foreign agency. Tiktok is my toy. The gimble requires arrangements with content creators. The agreements are something I’m not educated enough to produce fully. But, I’m going to get to producing all that I need to bind myself into the history of modern times. The US goverment is a thing that changes. Maybe one day those darth vader style ghosting devices will be allowed to have a Tiktok again. Freedom is a place with fences, boundaries, and individuals seeing differently. We know… Logan Paul is colorblind and that may have effected him when fighting KSI. All we can do? I’m keeping my thoughts away from government. You can do what you want to do right now. Just because someone uses your website to declare war on France doesn’t mean that the castor and jequirity couldn’t have been placed by terror. If that were true it would be a first of incident.

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