Appreciation For Everyone That Appreciates My New Music On The World’s Best Processor Album!

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It’s not every day that you rejoice in a new beginning. The step back into the music industry comes with never experienced before aches and pains. Aside from the internal bodily feelings there’s a sense that’s essential to endure happily. I’m happy to further my music career, and hopeful to set a plan that can produce more music in the future. The art of recording is one that can take a lifetime to master. With so many songs my independent publishings may one day be rewarded by cover artists placing their spin on my song. Licensing to cover artists would create a sense that others enjoy my authorship which is essential to my feelings of success.

Sometimes I wish I had a twin!

Showing off the “Atlas Guitar Collection!” (Not my guitars! But, you can enjoy the content on Instagram!

There’s so much to do and including the tasks is the empowerment of new social media. Shedding the previous social media comes with a sense of endurance. Not everyone could part with original media they’ve created. But, I suspect it’s part of the effort that comes with reinventing one’s own character. I try to perform as much as possible these days. However, there’s some form of condition that’s been keeping me from proceeding on a daily basis. My lung on the right side sometimes hiccups is a good explanation for the feeling. I tried to sell the family jewels and found out they weren’t the chrysoberyl golden milk and honey fit for a Czar I suspected. Though all the arrows pointed to the real deal GIA certifications reported plastic. The beads are known as difficult to test. I’m not sure what goes on in the handling of the items over their course of residency when at the New York City laboratory. It took serious effort to split one of the beads apart. I’m considering bringing the sample in for a further investigation considering the inner materials. The markings from the identifier may have only scratched a surface layer of fiberglass protectant. I’ve read that identification requires a core style sample to discover the placement of various elements known to display a half split appearing like a cats eye. These are potentially very rare to my discovery approximately 2900 carats exist in the hands of the public. There is a large chunk existing in a singular museum that may be worthy of a visit should additional efforts reward me in amendment to previous identification reporting by the GIA in NYC.

The World’s Best Processor album has had some nice reviews! I’m thankful for the followers following my new Instagram and additional media.


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