Diamond And Poisonous Castor Bead Discovery

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It’s the most beautiful place in the alps. Appenzell Switzerland is so lovely. Honestly, it’s no problem being locked out of the castle at the moment. The castle story goes that 1/3 rd of the castle was owned by the government. While in Appenzell I’ve learned that this information appears adjusted. The residency appears to be made 100 percent private. I’m not sure if it’s been condemend. It’s an old property. The Sutter castle is a beautiful place. I was hacked by terrorists and that disrupted my planning in 2013. I didn’t get to confront the owners with the family tree, Napoleon I occupation document stamped with the Archduke of Bourbon Parma, and other items including Roman J. Sutter’s pay director book.

I googled to find out if I could carry the documents. I didn’t see anything that kept me from carrying the documents. I found a place where you can ask the TSA if you can take stuff. The TSA never responded to my post. I had no problem taking the books and documents from the 1800’s.

My uncle Ted Sutter or Boss Sutter holds the record for largest diamond found. It’s an infamous piece in my family history. Is it real? I’ll tell you next month after some testing.

Appenzell was too beautiful! I took pictures. But, didn’t have time to do everything I wanted to do. My time was cut short by the Bank of America fund freezing my account. I went to find out what was wrong. They were concerned with my plane ticket. I told them this was happening. I’m going to Switzerland for DJ Bobo‘s performance in June 9th at Hallenstadion Zürich. Due to complications the tickets to fly cost approximately three times my expected expense. Which, ruined my trip to Switzerland to start. Upon arriving at Eurowings I found that my ticket had been canceled. I requested the exact same round trip ticket be purchased. My original price was 585 USD for the round trip. The cost leaving was over 600 USD for the one way ticket. I suppose people that fly are above the average America which analytics in the past told me most have difficulty in amassing over 2,000 in the bank. I was slightly scared because I was holding all these historic documents, and didn’t know if it was absolutely legal. I had to do it. The last time at the castle the occupants told me it was impossible that I existed. I cried after that talk and left Appenzell. This time I was determined to make better friends with the occupants. Surely, if they occupy my family castle they are family. There must be some connection to blood ties that isn’t hostile. I had been hacked by terrorists, there were terrorist rallies from the very group that hacked me last time, and I didn’t know the residents. Last time after returning home I asked the family. None knew of the name provided by the young lady at the castle. Her husband told me that my last living gave her the castle in her will. I thought it was wonderful to know that the government hadn’t seized the property. I filed for inheritance claim upon hearing of Flora Sutter’s death. The husband of the lady Sutter that said; “It’s impossible that you’re a Sutter.” told me a death date that wasn’t accurate. The occupant said Flora Sutter died in 2014. But, that was not the information I knew to be true. He did mention the right month of death. I felt less at risk configuring there is potential the lady Sutter and I are related. I had gifts to provide to the family. But, there was no sense in knocking on the door.

I like to give credit where credit is due. I had a great time staying at the Ibis hotel in Zurich. I elected to do so again. I made arrangements to move closer to Appenzell. I prefer exploring my forefathers canton. I learend about the wildlife late in the night. I had trouble sleeping the entire time. I stayed in town expecting to have an opportunity to sell Roman J. Sutter’s book. It’s unique so I had to come up with a price. I didn’t want to sell it. 20,000,000 CHF if anyone wants it. Offer to purchase this book can be made to Roland Inauen.

At current the book is with the Appenzell Museum . I didn’t know if it was legal to travel with the book. But, it had to be done. I was willing to risk anything to potentially happen. In this case, I’m not to proud to ask for pardon. I wasn’t able to stay to provide the Sutter historian with more information. I knew that the Sutter historian, and myself may have conflicts. I have read the story of the Sutterhandel, and feel that it’s slightly propagated. Why wouldn’t it be propagated? (see 1884 propagation pamphlet.) The Italian Royal family has assembled 20,000 signatures requesting for the restoration of their Royalty. That may make me a lucky man one day. I’m sure they might be aware of the Divine Right considering Royal claims of direct male Capitaines. I’m sure they are aware of the propagation claiming Divine Right is absolutism. This is the form of contention that I have to deal with considering propagation. A multiple of stories exist. In the war against Hitler I have evidence that my great grandfather may have stormed Normandy. In 1939 he was enlisted in the US Army, by 1944 October he was in Munich. Why would he fight Hitler when he was rich as anyone was rich? The Royal story leads us to better understand the Spanish Royal family of the 1700’s. The Spanish Royal family would be Jewish, leave, and discovery of squatters resulted in marriage. The Capitiane that married into the Spanish squatters would come from Germany. The Prussian is the French German Holy Roman Empire. The ideal of theology is because you never know who will be squatting in your property. If they love your property and are single? They may marry you to hash out the differences. That’s how I see Spain’s Royal family. I bet the genetic makeup might include some trace of genetics revealing the truth in history. However, I know that my information is subject to change. The world is still trying to configure the turths. The truth is that my family was from the Sutter Schloss. I was trying to make time to prove my point.

I found poisonious castor beads on my face. I read an article about Trump’s people getting ricin sent to their homes. I was experiencing internal body leaking symptoms. I called 911. It was hours of getting accused before they finally inspected the bag. The stuff was found in my jewelry. I had my trunk out.

The hazmat took a bunch of stuff. I’m missing a few things I recall. It’s driving me slightly mad. My rose blood opal earing is somewhere. They popped a stone out of my favorite Ancient Regime era shoe tie.

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The original photo of my inherited jewelry.

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You can see there are no castor beans present in these pictures. I took this picture to archive the items I inherited.

After reading about James Mattis’s Ricin problems I googled the word. The beans that ricin is made from was strikingly similar to beads I had found. I found multiples of types. The symptom of poisoning from Ricin is leaking. I was experiencing the symptom. Take a look at the castor beans around my nose.

The hazmat told me to follow up if I found more. However, after four plus hours I was taken to the hospital for a check up. The cost is over 1,000 dollars USD that I don’t have available. I’m a charity case. I called non emergency because they told me the beans aren’t really a big deal. They can biodegrade resulting in poisoning however. I elected to call. The cops came and didn’t take the beans. I tossed them in the trash because I don’t want the addional beads I discovered either. I can say that I recall the bamboo piece being among the beans. Their size was much smaller. But, they looked similar. Once again I didn’t find them in the picture to archive my inheritance. I made the call. There was a bracelet of black and gray beads. I can’t say that I recall seeing them before. The bamboo ones look fimilar.

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I say; “Take it. It’s illegal.” They say; “Keep it.” The last 30 days make little logical sense. The dentist; “I think you’ve been poisoned.” The cops; “Are you sure that box isn’t going to blow up? Are you sure it’s Castor beans?” Yes I’m sure! And, these may be too. “Keep it.” I’m not sure what America is telling me. I think 🤔 “Throw it out?” But, would the compactor be mashing? The castle occupants ; “It’s impossible that you’re a Sutter.” Than, all the proof in the world. No one is home. My distant cousin; “No diamonds have ever been found in Appenzell.” Than, the first steps into the Sitter and I pull out a Diamkle. It’s a strange world. I can’t make sense out of 99% of it. I can say ignorance isn’t bliss. I enjoy providing an education. Forgive my less than normal path. I know, people like me don’t exist. And, than you see people protesting. Than, you wonder; “Where do they come off shouting into the street.” You know, if you take the time to listen to the story. You realize the truth. The person playing heavy metal looks scary. But, come to know them as a person. And, you realize; “The reason we are on this plane is because people don’t like us. We know because the faulty engine can be seen spewing gas from my window seat.” With that said… Have a great Father’s Day. I come from a family that may be considered the Lost Dauphin. But, try to explain that to them and they become indignant. What more can I do. I’ve been poisoned. America is insecure. Devices are insecure. I keep yelling at the right people. The devices are improving. USA since electing Trump has stopped funding YPG. If news is real than the PKK hacker to hack me is still hacking. And, YPG is sister agency. Why USA spends 200,000,000 USD on terror before the case of the Lost Dauphin? They don’t want to give stolen property back. Maybe one day the power of diplomacy will realize; “The poisoned Dauphin is who we should defend, take into our nation, and provide the necessary love to continue the Capitaine.” Maybe one day. Good luck to you all! May you never know what it is to loose a tooth too soon. I baby my teeth my whole life. Grandma said; “You only get one set.” I did my best.

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These things could have been used as prayer beads. My family is known to have been very religious.

They cops told me to keep an illegal substance. That’s how credible I am I suppose. “Christian can keep this stuff which is illegal and can be mashed into a deadly biochemical.” If only 3 micrograms can kill. And, my brother brings his dog to the house. There’s no way I’m keeping this stuff. Therefore, after they conviced me to keep the items. I elected to toss them in the trash, document the account, and suspect that if any trash collectors perished in the next 72 hours. We know for sure that there’s a potential throwing castor in the garbage might result in mashing. The chemical composition of items in the trash is unknown. Luckily I don’t know of any reports siting trash collectors reporting death after collecting in Emerson. Thank goodness.


The book is at the museum. I’m into making history personally. I was talking to a distant cousin. We’re still trying to find out if we are blood related. It’s not all too important. We are friends. Marco Fritsche made my experience a positive one. I’m so thankful to have walked past him in Appenzell. He called out to me; “CHRISTIAN!” I felt at home. His reference allowed for the opportunity to sell the book. Which, would have potentially solved some money problems. But, I don’t really want to part with the item because it’s my iheritance. The same books that were important to the resident occupying the family castle. This was one of those books. He said; “It’s well written. The Sutter family is archived in books.” That’s why I took all the books. Marco got me the opportunity to meet with Roland. I told Marco I know a lot about Appenzell. I told him that it’s previously a source of red diamond. He disagreed. He said it may be propagation. I understand that propagation exists. I have a propagation pamphlet from 1884 among my inheritance.

I love to prove that I’m right! This rock appears to contain diamonds right? They are micro diamonds within what I’ve named the Diamkle. The discovery means I made history in Appenzell! I couldn’t be happier about that information. I like the study of rocks. When researching the sparkling stone I knew I was right. At least I was right about diamonds being found in Appenzell. Now, where are the red chunks? That’s a calculation that I’ve been adding up. I feel like there are ancient techtonic plate movements reavealed in the mountains. I’m working on my theory of the formation of Appenzell’s physical earth. Within that story I suspect that there are kimberlite pipes crossing one another. It’s a long story. However, the Earth is very old. And, everything pushes up somewhere.

I found a lot of them in the rivier. I stayed a night at Hecht hotel. The film above is where the stones were left. Room 236. The first Diamkle was something I didn’t want to remove from Appenzell. I respect the law. Mineral rights belong to the canton. While, this stone appears to be the same type as the Russian Diamkle. It belongs in Appenzell. I’m not a thief. There’s a right way to do everything. The Russian diamond mine proccessed 6 tons of ore. I want to do cold and heat experiments with the tiny diamonds. I want to discover the source of Napoleon’s diamonds. I know he was in Appenzell in 1805 for sure.

Now there are more Sutter Fritsche stories to tell. The first discovery in modern times of Diamonds discovered in the Sitter. Perhaps, one day I’ll run the geology museum.

I would like to see royalty restored, and namesakes of old wars make ammends.

I’m at war with Appenzell in ways. Methane is proected into Appenzell Central from new residents. The sewer system needs ventilation. It’s kept me up thinking about flotation devices engineered to vent methane, compress it, and contain it for sale as a clean burning fuel. What happens? The methane is projected out of the sewer after rainfall. At first you smell sulfur. That’s good. That meant that bacteria in the air brings down a homeopathic set of sulfur antibotics. I suspect this is how my forefathers lived to reach ages like 100 years. That’s followed by a nuance. It’s the sent of methane or rotten eggs. Why does it happen? Flooding waters may push the gas up into the town. This creates somewhat of an occupational hazzard. The effects of methane may be the reason for waterworks in tears. While, my story has silverlinings and sadness. I had indicators something was medically wrong. The rotten egg sent can be vented. It will take 9 years for the levels of the gas to find their way naturally into the atmosphere. Another contributor to the methane problems is fertalizer. The canton with the castle is the second smallest. It’s the highest ratio for self infliction or suicide deaths. I want to save the people from the toxicity of methane. I’ve written about it here to activate climate change ambassadors. This is one way you can look at the problem, find a resolution, and combat climate chage. Methane production that naturally absorbs into the atmosphere takes 10 years to degrade. The process heats the planet. Methane has a source from poop. That’s why it’s in the sewer. The canton is the most lovely place! It has a town pool, and a ski slope! It’s perfect camp to set for future discovery in Switerland. I want to live in Switzerland so bad.

My reading also exposed a wolf problem. The sent of methane may alert neighboring animals. That sent is produced when an animal is successful in a hunt. The bowel systems tension fails. Around the hour of 03:00 I noticed a wolf.

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My music ability to take photos of DJ Bobo is ready. The world was not ready for the amazing meet up between myself and Chris Sweeney. Chris is an inspiration to me that keeps me striving to create music these days. Next year I’ll try catch the DJ Bobo tour and maybe even join the circus.

There ya have it. I have less clothing, less jewelry, less money, and more of the story. My phones may be going into sleep mode soon. I don’t know when I might be able to restore the numbers. There’s a chance that I have diamonds somewhere. I’m waiting for the tools to test my things. I’m hopeful to liquidate something valuable to keep up with my debts. Right now it’s looking slightly grim. However, not grim enough to ultimately part with my families personal historic items. The ability to place the book in the hands of Roland Inauen is with knoweldge that the book can be returned. The book is national history that’s valuable to all Swiss in some way. Therefore, I’m happy that there was interest in the property. It’s for sale. Prove 20,000,000 CHF to Roland Inauen.

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I would really like to move. The castor beans arrival may mean someone breached my door. It may also mean that they have studied my habbits. I do love jewelry.

My lost Albrecht Dürer self portriat is also ready to find interest for future auction.

Life is unqiue. I feel poor. I have stuff. But, no lady. I can’t figure it all out. I don’t know if someone is trying to kill me. I can say that politicans are brave. I don’t know of anyone trying to poison me before becoming a terror victim in 2013. I don’t think anyone tried before. I look at this as a potential to have had castor beads planted in my things. I look at this like an attempted murder with biochemical. I’ve asked my family to find a way to move. At current, I’m homeless and living at my mothers house. Please don’t attempt to poison me as I’m attempting to become an expat. I would like to live full time in Switzerland. It’s always been my dream. I promise not to vote if whoever attempted to poison me promises to let me live.


Coolest thing I’ve done with my life is this discovery.