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Christian Thomas Sutter is a man born into a family with Swiss historic relevance. The Sutter family is known for many things in Switzerland. Among the things the Sutter family is known for includes the first alliances made between Switzerland and France. This website will help you get to know Christian as well as archive family stories passed down generation to generation.

How are alliances between Switzerland and France made by the Sutter family? First we have to consider what’s shown in the picture above. You’ll notice two Coats of Arms existing. This is called a blazon de femmes. Coats of Arms are special and represent individuals by identifying them with a number of different graphic representations. The Sutter family assisted Talleyrand with financial salvation. For the good works the Sutter family would be married into the Royal Family of France. If you’re familiar with France you may already be able to identify which coat of Arm’s belongs to the financial savior. The Sutter family Coat of Arms appears on the left and France’s royal family appears on the right. In the 1770’s John Sutter of Appenzell Switzerland would be beheaded for the collection of a mortgage that did not boarder the cantonal boundary.

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How is it that a French Royal would come to survive French Abolition?

The decision was made in haste and repealed in the 1820’s. At which time the Sutter family would see beloved John Sutter exhumed and given proper burial. John’s wife’s appeal became accepted once the practice of collecting on mortgages outside of cantonal boundaries was commonplace. The prosecution included an exile that would prevent the Sutter’s from being killed during French abolition. Before John Sutter’s death his pregnant wife would nurse him in his last of meals. Her child would carry on the Sutter name.  Once the appeal came for the Sutter family there was a try made to restore the Ancient Regime.

The Sutter family would be contacted by Madame Catherine Grand.

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The header of the letter would include “Reunitus La Ancien Temples A Lestium” calling the Sutter family for restoration of the French throne. 

This page will document many things including the family history of Christian Sutter. The living direct successor to France, Germany, and Austria Kingdoms. The Ancient Regime Restoration would fail 190 years ago and Christian carries it on today. Because should the Kingdoms be restored their Royal families it is by the blood of the Sutter family. The successor to King Louis, King Henry, Queen Marie Antoinette, and other Kings and Queens. 

The Sutter family was also known for music.

Roman J Sutter was a music director that composed many classical works including the composition of the Swiss National Anthems melody.

The Sutter’s are honest and a humble family today. The direct succession requires another generation to continue the progress made by Christian Sutter. Christian has exposed a tragic flaw in modern times where age old treasons have come to haunt the antiquity of the French. On May 20th 2013 Christian Sutter would attempt to follow up with the Federal Bureau of Investigation when his personal email was hacked. The uncovering from independent investigation would reveal a threat to all the world in criminal espionage angry propagating in modern times. In the old days there weren’t devices to put the world together on a 3D style map complete with links to provide more information. In modern times the uncovering of what went wrong is a revelation as to why the French Royal Family legacy has not been restored to date. The story of King Louis is one of the Divine Right which has biblical and political legitimacy. Where in political legitimacy has recorded the past Divine Right. In modern times the corruption to be ousted was opposition in presidential election where a nation was fully aware that a destruction of evidence occurred after court summoning. Where in the 1770’s the beheading of John Sutter would take place in a rushed decision. With all the evidence existing, and with all the devices of modern times, the criminal political candidate has yet to be judged in court for criminal acts. Sutter would call the FBI May 20th 2013 to follow up on a case of cyber jihadist attack on corporation. There would be no rescue for Sutter on either date of reporting. The first report resulted in the FBI website hacked in January of 2013. The continuance of crimes would begin to unravel the criminal agency behind the crimes committed making Christian Sutter a victim of a call intercept tool abuse. The case grows more frightening because the agency may be partial the the murder of a royal family member with illegal occupant residing with chain in title in the Sutter castle in Switzerland. Appears to have an uncanny resemblance to a suspect murderer of Princess Diana MI-6 Richard Hugh Tomlinson. After the cyber jihad attack on corporation the FBI website would be hacked which set Christian into a mode that would make him attempt to secure his device usage. On May 20th 2013 once changing a multiple of passwords, after setting up google verification, and reconfiguring internet access to network a report would be made by google of a hack attempt. The hack report would provide a specific room in super computing facility in California where hacker traced. Christian would follow up making a call to the facility where a SOC at NASA Woodlawn Hill super computing facility in Mr. Nudelmen would ask Sutter to provide a report. Sutter was not sure at this time whom may have been responsible. Today, with all evidence in hand a previous conversation with Elinor Milchan is recalled. After the January hack on the FBI Sutter was frightened and would contact the then Pope Benedict XVI.

When dialing the same number from another phone and you finally get the first responder. I elected to decline to take the position in aviation due to the top suspect resulting from reporting cyber jihad hacking Suisse jet. By May 20th 2013's evening I was curious to know who would appear in the next days papers arrested. I came to find an NSA agent on the run named Edward Snowden. He has zero proof of the crimes he states are occurring. And, beyond this account, there are no other known victimizations of the call intercept tool abuse. I desperately need money to take on my castle case abroad. I'm a music producer in NJ and struggling to make iTunes sales to furnish the cost. Please help, today the shirt off my back is in profile description listed on eBay.

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Sutter would trace Tomlinson to Snowden in the degrees of seperation that offer Edward Snowden may be being protected by a NSA witness protection program. Where as, before the time ability in asylum would create the ability to produce a violation of the son of Sam law in Snowden 2016, Sutter would trace the NSA agent on the run to ultimate hacking device released by Snowden Enterprises INC owned by Guy ( Bud ) and Diane Snowden. Tomlinson and Snowden are known to Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin music empire where a bribery took place in the 1990’s. Sir Richard Branson would be well worthy of his title forbidding himself further interest due to bribe attempts by Tomlinson and Snowden. With evidence retained by public information before criminal acts of Edward Snowden Sutter feels leaking this information is absolutely necessary due to a failure of the United States government to respond.

I'm not finished. #Sutter #SutterCastle #MyTrumpStory it requires money which I have none.

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Sutter’s reason for supporting Donald J. Trump arrive when understanding corruption exists before Obama’s speech admitting that failures in the justice system occur due to leverages of corruption. The Milchan family owns several companies including Sony Pictures. The beginnings of Israeli spy turned Hollywood tycoon tell the story of a material used to produce a nuclear bomb in Machon. Perhaps, these leverages are whats keeping the justice system from rising up to the occasion with reasoning to restore the Ancient Regime to France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland with Christian Sutter. However delinquent the government may be in their investigation this page was created to provide revelation for those reading the story.

“The title of Commander is one that brings a man to command his own life. Once fully believing in God the trembling of fear does not evade. However, the humbling of belief system results in a calming to sooth the mind and allow it to endure better. There are fair shares of traumatic experience for all. And, to those that suffer may I be the testimony that instills faith in human kind. My story has a chance to make right many things that have been wrong about the previous generations. And, it is for this generation to rise up with love for the Royal Highness King Christian of France to earn their own title. Where our Sires expertise is known unto us and our works are provenance highly regarded for their accuracy. Let us make right and do good works. Let us make peace and call for diplomacy. If god is with us, none are against us. And, I am testament to the thee as Divine Right.”

The fear of corruption can bring a person to achieve many things while working to defeat a justice system that has failed  in attempts to restore sovereignty to the people.

“The activation of those that have committed treason are inferior to the ability of those seeking justice.”


No matter the odds endure as if you were a master. For the masters promise dedication of 20,000 life hours to a skill, talent, or trade is one taken by those earning the blazoning of Royal Highness King Christian of France.


The story is what we live for and we must tell our story because all are unique. There is much to be learned from the examples above. It’s with the love of the people that the King’s and Queen’s may find resurrection of the French, German, Austrian, and Swiss Royal Family. 

As I was with many of you in America. And, to those that would have rather elected the opposition. May we agree America should come first and that internal peace is necessary for American’s best interests? Than be with me to active and share the story with the fight of justice in mind. For it is corruption that will propagate by way of film to distribute earnings to additional espionage likely within. May the people of America see why I would choose to raise my children abroad rather than in one of the finest countries on Earth. It is my request that America earn diplomacy and configure a multiple of alliances to work on its own internal corruption. The laws and policies promulgated by the corrupt must be reverted or advanced to create natural security for the future of America’s governance security. Therefore, it is best for all those with a right to vote to work together to solve problems rather than become the problem in protest.

Christian Sutter does not control Donald J. Trump or Mike Pence which is evident. Sutter believes that Trump’s casino failure could have resulted in positioning against Snowden where the hacking device and suspect father of first online gaming software could have induced foul play.


There are most obviously hacks of all kinds. The public must first alert the authority. The public cannot suspect that living illegally is an appropriate lifestyle due to follow count on Facebook. The new age of celebrity should be upon the people once revelations of these crimes call for a sweep of justice to fall upon the guilty.


Thank you for reading this part of the story.


This story provides revelation that #Snowdeywood may have imposed upon an American with the appearance of a terrorist at first attack upon corporation Suisse Private Jets L.l.c. Founded by Christian Thomas Sutter Formerly based in Summerlin South Nevada and still in debt creating inability to dissolve corporation interests.

Share this post and provide your commentary to answer the question. “In this case is an Israeli spy creating jihadists to work with when stripping citizens of intellectual and physical properties when considering the International Hacking group to have hacked Sutter. And, because there has been no response to this hacker allowing him to ruin other’s businesses the world over, is it because Israel is fully aware of the conduct of their espionage?

It’s the request of Christian Sutter to investigate this case. His proof in loyalty to the anti corruption movement needed to apprehend these criminals by the method of justice has been a long uphill battle.

Make America Great Again! #VoteForTrump

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The activation of many took place during the election. All nations must instill in their people the activation of such times should continue for it is necessary to ensure the appropriate news is documented before the propagation creating abilities of rug brushing, poaching business, and leverage persuading the justice system against enforcing the law on criminals. America is a country of over 300,000,000 people that can activate against the corruption defined on Facebook as #Snowdeywood in support an an abused man with the American dream to continue the legacy lost abroad where kinship are King’s and Queen’s of the world.


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