America Protect Your Rights To Privacy

America it’s a great time to advance your rights to privacy. A few days ago the Senate would speak with the FBI’s director James Comey. There were several alarming things said within the questioning of the FBI director. This article has been written to persuade more to write Congress to support American’s right to privacy. In this article I will outline the flaws in the 702 policy that put all American’s at risk. 

If you’re not familiar with the legislation that is addressed here in 702 policy that’s ok and a few points can give you a better understanding. The FBI’s 702 cloud, as referred to by James Comey, has an alarming touch sensitive method of extracting data. Where as, if you’re in contact with one under investigation by the FBI for being a part of Donald J. Trump’s administration today. This message is directed to protect American’s from information harvesting that may be used illegally. Had you been present, or if you were able to rewatch the Senate questioning of James Comey, you may already have a great sense of the 702 cloud. I’ll be using myself as an example to show you how this touch sensitive property of the 702 cloud can extract nearly every person in the world into the cloud.

My corporation Suisse Private Jet’s was hacked by Cyber Jihadists. I would report this information to the FBI. There is a potential that the report was extracted out of the FBI’s system and you can find more information about the FBI getting hacked here. Now, the six degrees of separation that puts all my contacts into the 702 cloud starts with my reporting to the FBI. Once I report that information all those whom I have contacted now have their information extracted to assist the investigation. In my opinion I believe that the information should be warranted rather than allow for those in contact with me to be subject to their information becoming stored in the 702 cloud. The source of information FBI investigators with ability to investigate under policy 702 is known as the 702 cloud. If we suspect that the touch sensitive property must include all those I’ve come into contact with than we can take an analysis whom that may be today. In the tweet below you’ll see that around the time of the election in 2016 my Periscope would be viewed by over 250,000 people in two Periscopes. Add all their private information to the 702 cloud, and everyone they have been in contact with existing in records of their phone use, email use, and social media use. If we suspect that everyone to have viewed my profile has 10 contacts that they have communicated with via these channels we have 2,500,000 persons with their information now in the cloud. If we suspect once again that each of the 2,500,000 have contacted to 10 persons in addition to those existing in the cloud we have 25,000,000 now in the cloud. You can see how quickly the numbers add up and should consider; “How many people have I messaged on social media, email, or called with my phone?” If the answer is more than ten it’s likely these rates grow faster than the hypothetical used today.

The Senate hearing with James Comey would define some interesting facts about sharing of information with internal agents and their spouse. The questioning resulted in James Comey’s respond that would state his reprimand would come and it’s likely no criminal charges would be pressed upon the agent for sharing classified information with a spouse. Well, if that spouse used the information to pass off mortgage deals to her brother it likely wouldn’t be detected because of todays legislation and conduct. Where as, in the hearing James Comey’s appears to allow for this conduct to go without prosecution. It begins to make sense of his delinquency when considering the criminal destruction of evidence where Democratic candidate deletes a multiple of emails after court summoning. Perhaps, had the FBI a director that was able to enforce their policy against those that mishandle information there would be sweeps of criminal agents whom mishandle information. But, America has confessed it’s justice system is broken. How can America create new policy to protect their rights to privacy? With ideas like those found here on this website.

Let’s recall that the FBI was hacked and the storing of bulk data has presented itself as extremely valuable to hackers that often go without justices prosecution.

It takes people that have influence to further a message so that their request to preserve American freedoms is voiced. Potentially the best way to voice your opinion is to influence the masses to take part in a twitter hashtag rally using #Let702Expire. And, once the hashtag trends nearly all Twitter users become aware that the policy is severely flawed.

Perhaps an FBI agent with ability to look into the 702 cloud can be tied in a string of communication that considers potential of high ticket aviation dealings being poached for personal gains. The tweet blow includes “My Trump Story” on my Linkedin page. Where my high ticket business deals in aviation would result with an appearance from Barak Obama. It could be because a 702 cloud poacher would persuade Obama to go to the location and deliver a speech. Why? To brush elbows on the ground perhaps when closing on deals that were over 2.5 billions dollars in gross sales potential.

With all the things listed above in mind. Please consider taking the time to write Congress immediately to ensure the flood of letters makes it obvious that policy 702 must expire upon it’s expiration date.


How can America create a new policy that protects the right’s to privacy and still accomplishes the goal for federal investigators researching national reports of terrorist or other criminal activity?

America has the opportunity to create new policy with confines that would be more fitting in investigation to protect sensitive information, allow for the distribution of information to be accessible only for a limited time, and to be ultimately specific upon its extraction.

My first address would result in addressing the abandon for privacy. Where touch sensitive extraction never happens without official warrant. Once warrant is issued for information it would have to include specific timelines where extraction is called for by investigative agents. Secondly, as the investigation considers those that have been warranted to submit their information into the new cloud of data used by investigators, the information of those that have been deemed to be not terrorist or criminal would have to be wiped completely from the cloud within a period of time like 72 hours after determination. A policy to include this form of thought would prevent a hub of bulk data from existing with unnecessary information. For example, should investigators search for the word “terror” or “terrorist” and a person has written of their loved one talking about terror. The unnecessary information retrieved by agents costs them valuable time and should be abandoned if the nature of the person is found to be non terroristic. In addition, specific warranted information could be specific to those that view the information, creating a cloud that’s monitored in consideration to citizens every article of data. Where as, should a non warranted investigator attempt to gain access for a file that is irrelevant to their investigation they can be denied. Secondly, the request for unwarranted data can result with questioning upon the agent. Therefore, should the agency access this new cloud in hopes to poach my personal aviation deals an alert would be present when they search “Christian Sutter” without appropriate warrant to view my information. Thereby providing the agents investigation internal FBI agents with the ability to quickly identify those that may be poaching data of average citizens for their own personal gain while paid with government funding for the service of their agent status. What more could be done to protect American’s information from investigative agents going without more than a reprimand after carelessly handling or distributing information that comes with clearance? Perhaps, a new FBI director could replace the delinquent one employed today. In addition agents that view materials could be provided with access that exists in facility only. Where as, today data is stated to be stored in the 702 could and only agents with clearance can access the information. A further elaboration by Comey spoke of diligence to ensure American’s that the 702 cloud would never be able to be accessed by a source outside of an FBI agents ability with classification. Is that true? Are these hard drives containing the data actually safe? And, should they not be under defense shielding from hack devices, is it possible to claim with 100 percent certainty that the information cannot be hacked? Earlier I placed a tweet with information that sited a hack of FBI website that included the release of emails and passwords of former agents at the FBI. If one was able to access the email of an agent; would they be able to access the 702 cloud with some savvy from outside the FBI facility? One can guess that such access may create a secondary source with information retrieved is outside a shielded facility and potential a root for hackers to keep vigil over known agents processing data. If, the access of data first calls for agents to source from a technical operative. Than one would assume it would be in American’s best interest to have dual investigative agents within the shielded facility to keep eyes remotely over the technical agent transmitting specific information of request by agents. Where as, an agent calls to ask; “Please connect the degrees of seperation between the known #Snowdeywood characters ( code name for trace existing after becoming a call intercept tool victim including those involved with treasoner Edward Snowden whom have aided and abetted a criminal treasoner in the making of the Oliver Stone film. ) to the agency of Barak Obama’s cabinet in hopes to surface whom may have initiated his travels to Belarus after Tunisa’s Arab spring and India speech. Now, the technical agent would search the new cloud with specific search quires that can define the degrees of seperation of those whom may have poached my business dealings for their own personal gain. Those that may be suspect could have their financial information summoned, and their first degrees of contact pool could be canvased for potential to assist with corporations that provide for pay offs after transfer of private information is poached for a profit. While the technical operator make sense of the confusion and supplies the information to field agents. Dual agents would have access over the remote view of the technical agents computer, the room where the agent is located, and communications between agents. Should the technical agent and field agents be colluding the dual investigations over the conduct transferring highly classified clearance information a report can be made that would result in rebuke or reprimand depending on the nature of inappropriate handling of the information. In addition, should the discovery of poaching mishandled information be present it’s not for the technical operator to report the request because dual agents surveilling processing could easily report. Rather than create a backdoor with ultimate access of any and all information of a social media corporation like Facebook. Corporations could protect their user base by creating the ability for agents to file warrants with companies, offering communications between users, and for the time in filing provide a small fee to ensure transfer of information doesn’t waste corporation money in considerations to time of transferring information to the secure new cloud. For example; Should a back door exist into Facebook messenger, and technical operator becomes fully aware of it’s fabrication processing transference of data, it would be a potential for the technical agent to use the backdoor outside the secure FBI facility that may be outside the dual investigative agents vigil over an investigation conducted with this form of policy & arrangement. If the hypothetical in #OpInvestigateObama results in findings of both deals referenced falling into a category of poaching for profiteering the United States government would be able to deduce appropriate dissolution of illegal profiting agents and corporations. Where as, deals that have been poached may have been costly in their loss to average American citizens falling under the policy extracting their data into the 702 cloud without careful consideration as to investigation considering corrupt profiting internal criminal organizations. Thereby, an assessment could provide reciprocity to those suffering the loss. Should the Federal Bureau of Investigation be able to deduce an award in reciprocity to the American citizen those suffering losses can receive a government issued check with brief over investigation that resulted in reasoning for reciprocity rewards granted to the effected public of nationally or internationally residency.

It is my hope that by releasing this information that the representatives of Congress and Senate can be alerted to enact new policy to offer the American people a security unsurpassed in modern times. The security of privacy was one that would cause for war in the history of America. Toady, it’s for the American people to activate on behalf of their right to privacy. I have done a great deal to offer a solution with no money earned while creating this article. The time consideration is one I find valuable. For should investigative agents sustain current 702 policy it’s a security breech to all American’s best interests.  The make America great again movement does not end with the election of Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence. The movement must continue to educate the people to the truth. Most truthfully my concern comes where my business dealings resulted in more suspect of illegal abuses of intercepts that would create an inability to profit from my business dealing. It is by the efforts of the people, accessing their power of the pen, that American greatness can be achieved.


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